what are digital assets

What are digital assets?

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Traditionally assets are resources that generate value to a person or company. From which it is expected to obtain benefits or a certain economic performance in the future. Now well, when we transfer this concept to an online world, we refer to any resource that it possesses on the internet, meaning its digital properties.


Digital assets are goods that make virtual community interactions possible and within this group we can find web sites, blogs, different profiles in social media and its content, apps, NFTs, cryptocurrency investments, etc.


The French consultant firm Capgemini, in its “World Wealth Report” of 2022, discovered that 71% of the surveyed people who have a high acquisitive power in fact invest in digital assets. From this group of people one of seven of them is younger than 40 years old. The youngest group assured that cryptocurrency is their favorite investment and that metaverse products are very desirable too.


Order first


As it is a recent topic there are only few companies or people that take this matter into consideration when dealing with assets, except for investors in cryptocurrency, who most often consider order and follow-up of their assets. When we speak of order, we could group them into three big blocks


  • Owned media: This group encloses the ones created by the same company or person (web site, blogs, social media profiles such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn)


  • Paid media: Dealt by platforms that allow online marketing campaign creations such as: social media advertising or search engines, banners, or buttons.


  • Earned media: Those digital assets, which are related to the influence a brand has on its users. In this group we can find forums, interviews, shared social media publications, etc.


When do we get the earnings?


There are countless ways to generate earnings through digital assets and in most cases, publicity is the most profitable and common one. Nonetheless, there’s also a way to obtain liquidity by selling the asset or by subscribing to exclusive content platforms.


As in life itself, what comprises a digital asset, how to gain something from it and how to keep it valuable in time are questions we’ll be looking an answer for, as new technologies emerge. By now, it’s convenient to maintain a definition and order of what we have.




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