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How to contact Facebook support

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Facebook is nowadays an ever-growing social network, one that aims to design new ways to improve the user experience in terms of technology. With each passing day, its efforts are heading towards the digitalization of things, with its change from Facebook to Meta and with the introduction of a very innovative virtual world, we can see that the future starts today.


It is not unknown that Facebook does not have a way to contact real people if you have problems of any kind while using this social network. Even so, there is a Help Center within the platform, through which you can find different types of support with whatever you require, it is a rather intuitive way of finding help, following a few steps. It is simpler than you think, in this article we will teach you how it works.


Follow the next steps:


First of all, you must access your Facebook account from a computer. In the upper right corner, you click on your user profile and a menu will be displayed downwards, in that menu you will find the “Help & Support” tab.


Then, another menu will be displayed with several options. The first is the one that says Help Center. This will direct you to a page of articles, from which you can search for the one that best describes your problem or question. This option is very helpful, as it covers a wide variety of topics. Choose the one you see that is most related to what you’re looking for, there you’ll find popular topics or the most searched ones. For help regarding your company, you’ll find a badge at the bottom of the page in case your questions don’t have to do with your personal profile, but rather with your business. At the top, and if you prefer to search with this option, we suggest you use “global” keywords, with which Facebook algorithms find what you want to search for more easily.


In the second option, “Inbox support” you have the possibility to view updates from Facebook profiles or posts that you have reported. As well as your own violations of the rules set by Facebook. Also, on the left of the page you can find more options that you can choose from, such as on the left side at the end where you can find out about the guidelines, rules and standards that govern Facebook as a community.


The next option is “Report a Problem”. This one will show you a way to give feedback to Facebook about something that has been occurring to you while you were browsing, it also works if you do not agree with something you see or if you simply have an idea how to help improve the platform. If something went wrong in terms of a technical issue, or if an attribute of the platform is damaged or does not work for you, this is the way to report it so that if there are more people with the same problem, it can help Facebook pay attention towards improving the experience of everyone in the network. Finally, in this form that you fill out by clicking on “Help us improve the new Facebook” you can attach screenshots or recordings of your screen to better explain your problem.


Ultimately, Facebook support has the following email: support@fb.com, for which, as read in various places on the internet, many have stated that they have not received a response. On the other hand, if you cannot access your profile, the Help Center is also available without accessing your account. And there are also other ways to contact Facebook, although they are not generally successful, so they are not recommended, since they will almost always only redirect you to the official Help Center.






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