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Generation Z: How can your brand reach them?

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Generation Z or the Zillennials is the generation that was born in the late 1990s and into the early 2000s. That is, they are young people, adolescents, or pre-adolescents currently. Generations are not only determined in order to be catalogued as such, what is sought is to identify behavioral patterns, to have the ability to find specific characteristics of each one. In marketing this helps establish tailored strategies for the user, client or buyer, leading to a more timely and personalized scope, in order to be more precise when selling a product or service.


Age, socioeconomic and geographical aspects are no longer as important as in earlier days, because with the hyper connection and an increasingly globalized world there are strange fusions in terms of taste and preference, breaking all limits. For example, people of all ages can go to a concert of a band from the 80s, both a father and a 17-year-old, who individually developed a taste for a band such as this, the father in his youth days and the young teenager enjoying it years later, even as it existed when he was not even born. Even so, with advances in technology and changes in the world, there are differences in generational behaviors.


You should also keep in mind that there are countless ways to reach a young audience. There are softwares and platforms that offer administration and execution of tasks, doing it all on the same place. But if you decide to do things yourself, it is essential to establish who your target audience is and what goals you want to achieve. If your buyer persona really belongs to generation Z, the highlight is that they are a generation that is migrating more and more towards the digitalization of things, with which to acquire knowledge, and with the introduction of the Metaverse, in the various ways of living in a more digitalized world becomes a “must”.


It is then no surprise, for generation Z that the three most used means of communication or channels are voice, video, and text. It is key to direct efforts to present publicity and advertisements through these channels if the audience you are interested in is this generation. The recommendation is to use TikTok, Twtich, YouTube, and Telegram, which are modern social media channels with great growth as of today, especially in the young generations, using them you can increase your audience, if this is your goal. There is also the possibility of becoming viral, which can potentially boost your business.


It is essential to bear in mind that those who belong to generation Z, according to estimates by Fastcompany, were in previous years a quarter of the population of all consumers and users in the USA and in 2020 they became 40% of all these. Therefore, you must be ready to “think out of the box” in terms of traditional marketing, focus on your needs, problems and solutions, find out about trends, stay up to date regarding digital news and immerse yourself in the digital world and social networks. All this by creating interesting and effective content for them.


Generation Z likes to weigh options ahead of time before making a purchase and because there is more ethnic diversity, they don’t like labels, it’s notable that the language used should be as inclusive as possible. In addition, not only the platforms already mentioned are useful, also, for example, Instagram and YouTube are important. Better said, make an exhaustive analysis so that you don’t lose opportunities and get up to date and you will see that the more you try to enter this world, the more opportunities will be presented to you to do your thing.





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