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Digital marketing trends 2023

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Year after year the market evolves, with which some doors close and others open, so opening new doors with old keys” is not an option. As the years go by, the habits of consumers and users denote changes, and we want to highlight some digital marketing trends for 2023 that we need to know to stay relevant and in which you can rely on to enhance your company’s potential and good marketing practices.


Three early trends that are booming and will continue to grow over the years are:



This is a branch of huge exponential growth in terms of digital marketing trends. According to Business insider, it is expected that in 2023 there will be a 32% increase in this area compared to 2019, in parallel there will be an increase in the investment figures of this branding opportunity.


This is not only due to social media channels and to the fact that these are an engine that helps catapult companies and supports their tasks, through algorithms that improve the views of sponsored content. It also depends on the content, if it is of high quality and really helps to solve a problem, through the distinctive transparency and originality of your brand, and through an authentic strategy.


In addition, according to statistics, 84% of the consumers tend to believe rather in recommended products and services whereas they believe much less in old traditional advertising practices. This must be considered when advertising a product or service, it is a good investment to do it hand in hand with a well-chosen influencer. It is not necessary for him or her to have millions of followers, in fact advertising with influencers with fewer followers can be more effective since there can be more engagement with their content.


  • Marketing with native advertising


It is another alternative regarding digital marketing trends of 2023 that has been developed and is steadily growing. In concept, these are ads that appear naturally and fluidly as someone scrolls through a web page, blog post, or another platform. These ads are adapted so that the person who sees them does not feel that they are aggressive or intrusive, but content of interest, so they are not invasive at all either.


According to Digital Information World, 47% of internet users in the world have Ad blockers. Therefore, native ads are key, since they are related to the content that the person is consuming, they are edited in such a way that they do not obstruct or attack, but rather appear to be part of the content that is being read.


Native advertising is good for generating trust with the consumer, as well as traffic to your platform of interest, since the interested person will click on your link organically, and the result will even be useful for them.


  • Marketing through podcasts


A great movement around digital marketing trends that is very innovative, emerging and that can be taken advantage of, is podcast marketing. This variant is interesting because a podcast is aimed at a specific audience, through which you can connect with your listeners, encouraging purchases of your product or service, by way of recommendation or review.


This means you can encourage awareness that your brand exists, creating a relationship with potential consumers, you can promote the image and encourage purchases for your company or project. Since a podcast has a more punctual type of users, the synergy should result in something beneficial for both parties, since it reaches audiences that are more willing to buy, as long as the podcast is chosen correctly.


There are several ways to use this option. One of them is to be a guest on a podcast of someone who reaches the audience you are looking for. Another is to sponsor a podcast in general or by episodes. And finally, you can also promote native advertising, as we explained before, this would be a 2 in 1.


Do not be left behind, get all the updates around digital marketing trends with us, on innovation matters and stay at the forefront. And thus summon the full potential of your brand. Because the future is today.






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