Digital marketing and its effects in the industrial sector

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The impact of digital marketing on companies is clear and forceful, which leads us to conclude that those companies that do not have strategies in place and are not innovating in their digital processes, are simply out of competition.

Bill Gates said it well a few years ago: “In the 21st century there will be two types of businesses: those that are on the Internet and those that no longer exist”. Society’s new consumer habits, marked incisively by the digital age, have made both small and large companies, (even in the industrial sector, which has been the most reluctant to these changes), to become participants in digital marketing strategies.

A century of competition and a decade of change

With the effects of the digital transformation moving all the masses and sectors of the economy, the efforts required by companies to put themselves at the forefront of marketing and sales strategies are increasing. According to the “Digital around the world in 2020” report, by the renowned web platform “Hootsuite”, in 2020, the world population reaches 7.750 million inhabitants, and 58% (4.540 million) are Internet users. This figure not only demonstrates the effects of the technological revolution in the world, but also sets a fundamental precedent as a guide for current and new businesses.

The conquest of new markets and the ability to keep up with them, lies in the presence of industries in the digital sphere. Traditional marketing is increasingly losing its effect and sinking into obsolescence, and this is why companies in the industrial sector have been motivating themselves to make changes and have been captivated by the results offered by digital campaigns in their profitability and business models.

Effective and tailor-made solutions

For this sector, competition and the acquisition of potential customers is a real challenge, but with the proper use of digital marketing strategies, this work becomes much more effective and friendlier.

At Furore, we have been designing and implementing digital marketing campaigns for the industrial sector for more than 9 years, achieving specific outcomes for companies in Colombia and the United States. With this experience we have revealed the potential of this sector, and through the collection of data and useful information and the development of campaigns with efficient results and great value, we can conclude that there are 3 fundamental elements that must be part of the industrial sector marketing strategy:

  1. The ideal customer or The Buyer Persona (B2B) definition: Behind any purchase, there is always a person, even when it is for a company. The difference is that she or he is not giving free rein to his pleasures, but simply doing her or his job and her or his maximum motivation is always to make it easy. It is very important to identify who are the new people in charge of the supplier relations in the companies; here we will find from managers, engineers, plant directors to the very head of the organization, understanding their consumption habits and how they are performing the research to find their suppliers is fundamental.
  2. The website: Designing and developing a website with the classic information (home, who we are, services and products) is a great disadvantage against the competition. A website must generate value and satisfy search, information and usability needs. Offering functionality and pr

actical solutions incorporating buttons for orders, payments, customer section and loyalty, is a golden rule.

  1. Media mix: Although the adaptation of digital strategies must be the priority, for this sector it is still essential to continue with the participation in trade shows, fairs, events and specialized magazines, creating a highly effective complement for the active participation in these events and taking these contents to the different digital channels. 

In this context, mixing actions with inbound marketing is substantial. Inbound marketing is defined as a strategy based on attracting customers with useful and relevant content and adding value at each stage of the buyer’s journey; in this way, potential customers find companies through different channels such as blogs, search engines and social networks.

In Furore we have all the tools and talent to make these adjustments that the consumer is demanding from companies in the industrial sector, and to be at the forefront of new trends that the market demands every day.




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