Digital Marketing in Fashion

Let’s be honest, you’re passionate about fabrics, buttons and you love to measure, sow, create and choose the rights materials. You’ve also realized the importance of integrating a digital approach to your business. From new trends, fashion shows, and even your competitors strategy, we’re here to give you the best digital brand.


of online fashion stores have stagnant inventory because they lack an effective digital marketing strategy. ¿Sound familiar?

¡I tried it first! ¡I bought it afterwards! We live in a constantly changing society, where there is a never ending urge to be the first to find, know, and buy the latest trends on the catwalks and fashion expos. We understand that it is important for you to be sitting in the first row and be able to show the world your sense of fashion.

At Furore we offer strategic digital planning which helps you and your team define where we want to go in the digital world. Knowing this, we can move forward and show the world your collection utilizing the countless catwalks that social media offers us. We can’t leave email marketing and a couple of secrets, that are sure to surprise you, behind.

Furore offers you well oriented strategies based on your data. With your data, our A.I. tech will be able to:

Find your client’s new purchasing patterns

Learn your client tree

Activate relation campaigns

Identify which of your clients are a retention risk

Foster loyalty campaigns and cross-selling approaches

With the right insights we create assertive marketing strategies

Social Media

Web - Sites

Marketing Strategy