If there’s something that we are Furore know for sure is that the future of the retail business is based on digital marketing

This has become vital to survive and compete in an industry where the global chain brands are cornering the market. It’s necessary to have and to know how to transmit a unique value offer, different from the competitors, in order to position yourself in the mind of the client whom you want to attract.

According to a survey carried out by eMarketer, in 2020, in the United States, the biggest publicity expenditure will be from the retail sector, equivalent to 21.9 percent of the total investment in publicity.
Furore offers you well oriented strategies based on your data. With your data, our A.I. tech will be able to:

Find your client’s new purchasing patterns

Learn your client tree

Activate relation campaigns

Identify which of your clients are a retention risk

Foster loyalty campaigns and cross-selling approaches

With the right insights we create assertive marketing strategies

Social Media

Web - Sites

Marketing Strategy