When defining a marketing strategy for your industrial products we know that publicity for industrial products has certain specifics that require a different approach than consumer goods

In a B2B sector, industrial products are acquired by professionals who stick to specific criteria when making a purchasing decision. This why the communication noticeably changes towards a technical presentation of the product in relation to its sales price. Technical specifications like speed, wear, physical performance, material strength, etc. most of the times are followed by statistics, graphics and diagrams that makes it easier
to comprehend.

The complementary product services offered by the brand, become as relevant as the communication objective

Maintenance and Installation.

Post Sale Support.

Repair and Spare Parts Availability.

Claim Reaction Period.

At Furore we accompany the definition of your strategy, with the behavioral analysis of your clients in order to have a more efficient communication
We can also be your guys when you need:

Graphic Design for Technical Product Catalogs.

CRM Strategy.

Email Marketing.

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Automated Client Relations.

Marketing Activities, Technical Conferences Invitations, Speakers who are.

Event Landing Page Creation.

Web Site Management.

Social Media and Client Relations.

ChatBots Implementation.